Dr. Thomas Montine

Neuropathologist · Alzheimer's Disease · Stanford, California
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Dr. Thomas Montine is Chair of the Department of Pathology and Stanford Medicine Endowed Professor in Pathology at Stanford University, California.

Dr. Montine’s work focuses on preventing or slowing down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease through the exploration of experimental approaches. One of his earlier projects aimed to look for cures for Alzheimer’s disease through the use of precision medicine, i.e. treatment that the patient receives after assessing his or her unique set of genes and condition.

“Alzheimer’s is driven by genetics, but it isn’t just one disease. It’s a disease that has many different subtypes, and one treatment won’t work for everyone.”
-Dr. Thomas Montine


Professor of Pathology

Standford University

Chair of Pathology

Standford University

Professor of Neurological Surgery

Standford University


Vanderbilt university medical center


Vanderbilt University Medical Center · 1996


Duke University Hospital · 1994 - 1995

Duke university medical center


Duke University Medical Center · 1992

Mcgill university

Medical Degree

McGill University · 1991


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Dr. Thomas Montine is affiliated with Stanford University at Room L235-300 Pasteur Dr , Stanford, California.