Dr. Serge Gauthier

Neurologist · Alzheimer's Disease · Montreal, Quebec
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Dr. Serge Gauthier has lived in the small town of Hudson, Quebec for over 20 years, and regularly volunteers as a community neurologist at its medical center.

Dr. Gauthier is the Director of Alzheimer’s Disease Research Unit at the McGill Center for Studies in Aging, a researcher at the Douglas Institute, and a professor of neurology and neurosurgery, psychiatry and medicine at McGill University in Quebec, Canada. He has contributed extensively to research on treating Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and initiated a Canada-wide study of tacrine as a potential treatment for Alzheimer’s. Most recently, he was involved in creating an algorithm that predicts the development of dementia in patients at risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s.

He was appointed to the Order of Canada, an award that recognizes individuals for their contributions to Canada and humanity, in 2015, and the Order of Quebec two years later.

“By using this tool, clinical trials could focus only on individuals with a higher likelihood of progressing to dementia within the time frame of the study. This will greatly reduce the cost and the time necessary to conduct these studies.”
-Dr. Serge Gauthier


Mcgill university

Professor of Neurology & Neurosurgery, Psychiatry, and Medicine

McGill University

Director of Alzheimer Disease and Related Disorders Research Unit

McGill Center for Studies in Aging

Mcgill university

Senior Scientist of CIHR-Rx&D program

McGill University · 1997 - 2007


Medical Degree

University of Montreal · 1973

Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry

University of Montreal · 1969


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Dr. Serge Gauthier is affiliated with McGill Centre for Studies in Aging at 6825 Boulevard Lasalle, Montréal, Quebec.