Dr. David Bennett

Neurologist · Alzheimer's Disease · Chicago, Illinois
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Dr. David Bennett is an archaeology fan who enjoys visiting ancient ruins around the world with his family.

As the director of the Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center and the Robert C. Borwell Professor of Neurological Sciences at Rush University, Chicago, he has been leading long-term scientific studies such as the Rush Memory and Aging Project, which hopes to better understand and treat aging-related problems like memory loss. He is a member of the National Advisory Council on Aging for the National Institutes of Health, and his work ranks amongst the top 1% of researchers in areas such as neuroscience and clinical medicine.

“I sometimes imagine myself as a brain archaeologist—delicately picking through preserved specimens, cataloguing biological artifacts and trying to align my findings with people's unique histories.”
-Dr. David Bennett



Rush Alzheimer’s Disease Center

Rush medical college

Robert C. Borwell Professor of Neurological Science

Rush Medical College


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Dr. David Bennett is affiliated with Rush University Alzheimer's Disease Center at 1750 W Harrison St., Chicago, Illinois.