Dr. Ronald Fogel

Gastroenterologist · Ulcerative Colitis · Crohn's Disease · Chesterfield, Michigan
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Dr. Ronald Fogel, MD, is a gastrointestinal specialist with extensive experience in IBD treatment, IBS, and colon cancer prevention. Dr. Fogel served as head of gastroenterology at Henry Ford Health Systems for 13 years before starting the Digestive Health Center, both located in Detroit, Michigan.


Digestive health center of michigan


Digestive Health Center of Michigan · 2004 - Present

The Digestive Health Center of Michigan (DHCMI) is a premier care center in Michigan dedicated to the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases. The DHCMI specializes in treating patients with ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, IBS, and IBD. The Center is dedicated to providing top of line care to patients, ensuring the patients and their families are immersed in an environment of compassion and respect. The DHCMI has a research division, the Clinical Research Institue of Michigan, whose goal is to provide new treatment options to patients who are failing current standard treatments or do not wish the standard care for personal reasons. Patients are monitored carefully and have 24/7 access to comprehensive, compassionate medical care from the research team.

Henry ford health system

Head of Gastroenterology

Henry Ford Health System · 1991 - 2004


Tufts university

Research Fellowship in Gastroenterology

Tufts University

Sir mortimer b davis jewish general hospital


Sir Mortimer B. Davis-Jewish General Hospital

Mcgill university

Medical Degree

McGill University

University of california san francisco school of medicine

GI Fellowship

University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine


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Dr. Ronald Fogel is affiliated with Clinical Research Institute of Michigan, LLC at 30795 23 Mile Road, Suite 206 Chesterfield, MI 48047.