Darren Bounds

Co Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Darren bounds

Darren is a digital health innovator and passionate patient advocate. He spent the first 15 years of his career doing research, operations and marketing roles at various pharmaceutical and biotech companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Merck focusing on Crohns and colitis, the very disease he was later diagnosed.

His personal battle with ulcerative colitis ignited the need and his passion to both empower himself and other patients with trusted information and treatment options for patients with chronic diseases. He’s inspired to turn his disease into a driving force, creating innovation in healthcare through technology.

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Darren bounds

Darren Bounds Co Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dr brian bressler

Dr. Brian Bressler Co Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Angel pui

Angel Pui Co Founder & Chief Product/Marketing Officer

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Kevin Chua Product Designer

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