Ashley Charlebois

Registered Dietitian

Ashley charlebois

Ashley is a Registered Dietitian who specializes in gastrointestinal health. She completed her B.Sc. in Dietetics at McGill University, and later completed an M.Sc. in Experimental Medicine (Exercise Physiology and Nutrition) at the University of British Columbia. Ashley has ample experience developing nutrition plans for patients with various digestive health disorders – aiding patients minimize symptoms, meet energy and nutrient requirements, and achieve their health-related goals. She currently works at an interdisciplinary health clinic where she devotes a lot of her attention to patients with IBD, whether that be through individual diet consultations, group programs combining nutrition & exercise, or nutrition workshops. She works closely with gastroenterologists around Vancouver, both with research and patient care. Ashley’s passion for helping individuals with digestive health disorders stems from her own background with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and successfully managing it through dietary modifications & an active lifestyle.

If you would like to contact Ashley, you can email her at a.charleb [at] or visit her website at

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