Angel Pui

Co Founder & Chief Product/Marketing Officer

Angel pui

Angel is a serial entrepreneur with multiple tech startups under her belt. She started her career in design, she loves innovations, the creative process and problem solving. Unlike most designers, she’s highly analytical as well - combining both, she problem solves with algorithms, efficiencies and creative solutions to make our world a better place through new ideas, optimization and efficiencies.

She leads our growth and product team at Discover Therapies, making our mission a reality through our digital product and also through growth plans, execution and communications. She’s extremely passionate about finding cures quickly in our lifetime and also her little daughter Koa’s lifetime!

Our Team

Darren bounds

Darren Bounds Co Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Dr brian bressler

Dr. Brian Bressler Co Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Angel pui

Angel Pui Co Founder & Chief Product/Marketing Officer

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Kevin Chua Product Designer

Mandy pui

Mandy Pui Account & Community Manager

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Riley Stonehouse Software Engineer

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Dr. Yvette Leung Gastroenterologist

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Dr. Greg Rosenfeld Gastroenterologist

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Dr. Nancy Fu Gastroenterologist

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Ashley Charlebois Registered Dietitian

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Dr. Ahmer Karimuddin Gastroenterologist

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Dr. Gil Kaplan Gastroenterologist

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Dr. Peter Higgins Gastroenterologist